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DILIGENCE LAW FIRM is a well-established full-service law firm in Coimbatore, specializing in corporate law and Indian legal system and company practices. It is a professional Chambers with the goal of providing expert, high-quality assistance to its clients in a fast and cost-effective manner.

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Mr.Simson S.

Managing Partner

best lawyers in coimbatore

Mrs.Sathyavathi R.

Associate Partner

best lawyers in coimbatore

Mr.RVM Kumanan

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Advisory Areas

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Criminal Laws

Restituition of Conjugal Rights/Divorce

Senior Citizen Rights

Child Custody & Adoption

Domestic Violence/Protection & Maintenance

Property & Recovery of Money Laws

Consumer and Deficiency of Service Laws

Provident Fund, Employee State Insurance & Gratuity Laws

Tenancy/Rent & Eviction & Protection Laws

Revenue & Local Body Laws

Labour & Service Laws

Negotiable Instrument Laws

Banking & Dept Recovery Laws