Practice Areas

  • Criminal Laws
  • Restitution of Conjugal Rights / Divorce
  • Senior Citizen Rights
  • Child Custody and Adoption
  • Domestic Violence / Protection and Maintenance
  • Property and Recovery of Money Laws
  • Consumer and Deficiency of Service Laws
  • Negotiable Instrument Laws
  • Tenancy / Rent & Eviction and Protection Laws
  • Revenue and Local Body Laws / Provident Fund
  • Employee State Insurance / Gratuity Laws / Labour & Service Laws
  • Banking and Dept Recovery Laws
  • Specific Relief and Specific Performance Laws
  • Arbitration, Patent, Trade Mark and Copy Rights

Child Custody, Adoption and Surrogacy


Chief Attorney

Domestic Violence/Protection and Maintenance


Associate Attorney

Marriage, Civil Unions & Divorce

Mr. RVM. Kumanan

Associate Attorney

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Other Practice Areas

Registration (FASSI, MSME)

Certificates (Marriage & Domicile)


Building Plan Approval

Power of Attorney

Election Affidavit Filing

Company Articles of Association

Memorandum of Understanding

Employment Contract

Public and Private Notice

Income Tax Filing

Licence Bond, all Type of Licensing Work

Letter of Guarantee and Indemnity

Trust and Society Formation

Appointment of Distributor

Provident fund, ESI filing

Deeds, Will Sale deed Gift Mortgage Adoption Deed, Reconveyance, Partition

Hindu Undivided Family(HUF), Business, Appointment, Brokerage, Share holder, Arbitration, Indemnity Compromise, Distributor- Ship, Trademark, Master and Servant Agreements

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