Frequently Asked Questions

Certain Rules and Regulation framed by the sovereign Govt for the welfare of the public with reasonable restrictions, it protects every life of creature through by constitution and other laws and enshrined their fundamental Rights.

Well qualified law decree holder and authorized to practice entire territory of India, he undertook vakalat for others and protect, solved the problem as own.

The laws closely associated with moveable or immoveable Properties, in some cases which basically personal law for each and every religious.

Legal confinement by the Police, in commonly without permission from the concerned Judicial Magistrate, the Primary right is to meet his Advocate for basic Legal Assistance.

Either father or mother shall be Natural guardian (Biological parents), the court appoint to taking care of the child for the paramount welfare of the ward is Legal Guardian.

If Mutual Divorce within 6 months of time, or otherwise depends to case to case.

Who defend for the supreme interest and benefit of their client needs.

Violence by either verbally or physically or any other mode which is living in the matrimonial relation in house by the husband or any other family members to the women.

Basic legislation for needed people, wife children parents can availed the fruit of the maintenance laws.

Proper intimation from the land lord for valid reason with prior essential time.

Cheque, Promissory Note, Bill of Exchange and Leading, Credit Notes etc,.

Through bank transfer or case in hand and As per the clients will and wish.

Obviously we did not see the client, we are Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed.

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